TESTAMENTO DVD - filmed in Cabo Verde

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A story about life, love and unexpected miracles

Set against breathtaking landscapes of mountains, desert terrain and endless beaches, Testamento tells the posthumous tale of Cape Verde's leading citizen.

A self-made man of enormous wealth, Napumoceno da Silva Araujo (Nelson Xavier) is survived by a nephew who expects to inherit his thriving business and immense fortune. The millionaire's will, however, leaves all his possessions to a young woman named Graça (Maria Ceiça), the illegitimate daughter no one knew he had.

As part of the inheritance, Graça receives a set of audiocassettes containing Araujo's personal accounts of his wild, romantic and often dubois exploits.

Filled with both comedy and pathos, these taped memoirs not only reveal the father she never knew, but the mystery and unpredictability of life itself.

Filmed in Cape Verde: Color, 112 minutes in Portuguese with English subtitles.
Not rated.