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Written by Joao Lopes Filho, we can now appreciate the author of "Cape Verde-Ethnographic notes"-particularly interested in issues relating to ethno-sociology,-in his activity as a short stories writer, for which he complied, for the first time eight stories.

The human experience portrayed in these stories was certainly accumulated throughout his infancy and adolescence. His observant mind did not overlook the picturesque aspects of the harshness of life in the rural, we refer to habits thoroughly ingrained, submission of the natural rites (of the days and of the seasons) from which the Cape-Verdians could not, as Yet liberate themselves (due to a fairly closed mind) and particularly translated into their way of speaking, dressing, eating or enjoying themselves.

The stories here presented are vigorous, impregnated with humanity and psychological contents, by the deepening of emotions and conflicts that submerge the lives of their characters.

128 pages of fun and educational reading.

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