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nick pinheiro

Microsoft Corp. announced today that Nick Pinheiro has been promoted to the role of Microsoft Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) Center of Excellence Subject Matter Expert. Nick will now join an elite team within the Americas Office of the

Chief Technology Officer and will be responsible for the architecture and development of cloud-based solutions for the largest of organizations across North and South America.

Since joining the software giant as a Senior Software Development Engineer, Nick has continued to demonstrate his strong technical expertise and leadership skills. His work on the company's cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure, has been truly innovative and exemplary of the organization's cloud-first, mobile-first strategy.

"To reinvent productivity, we must rethink the way we make technology, not simply make more. As the productivity and platform's company, Microsoft will create the tools for tomorrow — tools that will empower every person and organization on the planet to do more and achieve more. Tools that will be inherently mobile, social, intelligent and natural," said Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO.
Microsoft isn't the only technology company to be leveraging Nick's strengths, Facebook Inc. has also invited Nick to join an exclusive partnership program they have been fostering. The program seeks out the top Facebook App Developers in the world and provides the team with accelerated insight into the platform's product pipeline. Nick is also provided with direct access to Facebook Executive and Engineering leadership. The following brands and services now fall under the Facebook umbrella: Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus and Parse.

Nick's work on the Microsoft and Facebook platforms consists of a cloud-based solution providing Facebook Apps as a Service. The service, appropriately named "Modern Appz", allows anyone to create their own Facebook App with just a few clicks. More importantly, the service allows you to integrate topical content from the internet's largest information providers including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, iTunes, Twitter, Amazon and Bing. Within a simple user experience, visitors to the app are able to consume all content on a particular topic, in one place.

"I am very excited to take on this new role and new challenge. We are at a pivotal time in technology where the cloud is opening the door to innovation we could have never once imagined. I look forward to leading the world's largest organizations through this transition and contributing to the impact it will have on the future," said Nick Pinheiro.

Nick Pinheiro grew up in Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA and is the son of immigrants from the Cabo Verde Islands. He attended Boston University throughout his higher education and holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Information Systems, a Graduate Certificate in Web Application Development and a Bachelor of Science degree in Management with a Concentration in Electronic Commerce.


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