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CaboVerdeOnline.com in partnership with Camara Municipal da Brava commits one hundred thousand dollars to the development of rural tourism including the remodeling and upgrade of Pousada Municipal.


Pousada Hotel is a historic building that was built in colonial era and to this day, most people still refer to it as the old town hall. At conclusion of the new and modern Town Hall building, Pousada was modified to house government and public officials and later become the first lodging facility on the island of Brava.

It was a well known hotel for its warm hospitality and private nature; visitors could truly relax in peace as they get away from it all. Additionally, the hotel is in close proximity to a number of small shops, markets and town commons and living museum, known as Historic Prasa Eugenio Tavares.

Managed and operated by CaboVerdeOnline.com, accommodations at Pousada Hotel will consist of luxurious and renovated bedrooms and all with their own private bathroom, comfortable bedding and television. The bathrooms have both hot and cold water.

Other amenities that guests will have access to at Pousada Hotel includes a wireless access they can catch up on email or surf the internet, a public telephone where international calls can be made, fast ferry ticket services and a partner off-site restaurant and bar where breakfast is served, appetizers can be quelled and thirsts quenched. Furthermore, Pousada Hotel will organize thrilling and adventurous hikes and other excursions to different places on Brava Island where the majesty of this location can be explored and perused.

Known as the island of flowers, Brava offer visitors a unique opportunity to really get away from it all and not to be bothered anymore with all the crowds and noise found at the busier more tourist friendly islands around Cabo Verde. Brava is the smallest of the inhabited islands of Cabo Verde and is also the wettest and subsequently the most fertile.

Not known for its beaches, Brava is ideal for relaxation, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and avid hikers and walkers who simply love exploring trails and routes that showcase the finest of the Great Outdoors.

Approaching 100 contracted rooms in Brava between homes, apartments and small hotels, CaboVerdeOnline.com vows to play a prominent role in the rural tourism development of the island of Brava.


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