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Djabraba Nha Flor

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A stellar music career that begun at 8 years old, Nho Becha has and continues to leave behind a legacy that is unmatched in our community. He mastered the art of playing violin on his own and today, at the age of 77, he still continues to bring joy and contentment to fans worldwide.
Production: Ligafrica; Release year: 2010

Track Title

1 - Samba/ Amor di hoje em dia / Frank Cavaquinho
2 - Manchė / Direitos Reservado
3 - Praia da Aguada /Eugenio Tavares / Am bem di Cova Rodela *Pedro di Goi
4 - Talaio baxo / *Direitos Reservado
5 - Mocindade / *Rodrigo Peres & Jose Medina
6 - Manha Cedo/ *Direitos Reservado
7 - Valsa / *Direitos Reservado
8 - Tanha/ *Direitos Reservado
9 - Mazurca di paço/ *Direitos Reservado
10 - Hora di bai/ *Eugenio Tavares


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