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CaboVerdeOnline.com anuncia investimento turístico para Brava
O Hotel Pousada ocupa o edifício histórico que os mais velhos ainda chamam de antiga...
Sulada: O fiel amigo da mulher rural
Sulada. É assim que se designa uma das peças mais importantes da indumentária da mulher rural cabo-verdiana...
Luce Inspiration Show
Actor Director Tim Reid Interview
Ash Wednesday in Santiago
It is at the sound of the pestle that the sunrises on Ash Wednesday at the interior of Santiago Island

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CaboVerdeOnline.com is the only cabo-verdean based company offering online, professional, quick and easy booking for Vacation Homes that represent location, comfort, quality accommodations and value. Our staff visit, evaluate and approve all homes and we have an ongoing, trusting relationship with the owners. BOOK ONLINE, RELAX and SAVE!

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CaboVerdeOnline.com is home to a variety of musical choices and a portal for an exclusive line of wearable and souvenirs with imprints of the current flag as well as the emblem of the original flag of Cabo Verde known as the symbol of Struggle, Independence and Freedom. Our Online collections combine excellence with low cost and attractive appearance.

Destination Cabo Verde Islands

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Cabo-verdians are famous for their friendliness and hospitality. The climate is perpetually sunny and welcoming. Cool breezes provide for a natural air conditioner environment and great care has been taken to preserve and enhance the natural beauty...
Explore the diversity of our islands and let us guide you through your next memorable vacation.